Which are the Different Types of Courage? (2023)

Which are the Different Types of Courage? (1)

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Which are the Different Types of Courage? (3)Which are the Different Types of Courage? (4)

Which are the Different Types of Courage? (5)Which are the Different Types of Courage? (6)

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Which are the Different Types of Courage? (9)

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Which are the Different Types of Courage? (10)

Are you aware of the six types of courage? These types of courage can help us grow and live a prosperous life. Read on to know more about the six different types of courage.

Being courageous or brave is very important to live a happy and successful life. Different individuals perceive courage differently. Are you aware of the different types of courage? Courage can be classified in six different types like physical courage, emotional courage, social courage, intellectual courage, moral courage and spiritual courage. We must cultivate all of these kinds of courage in ourselves to deal with different difficulties and challenges that life throws towards us. So, to understand more about these six types of courage, let us take a look at its broader sense.

In this article

  • Physical Courage
  • Emotional Courage
  • Social Courage
  • Intellectual Courage
  • Moral Courage
  • Spiritual Courage

The Six Types of Courage

Understand the deeper meaning of six different types of courage. Read on.

Physical Courage

Physical courage is all about making use of physical strength to deal with the problems and difficulties that arise in life. It can be related to the physical strength shown by individuals to save somebody’s life by putting his or her own life at risk. For example, saving someone from drowning, rescuing someone from the trap, saving someone from burglars and thieves etc. However, with the increased security and safety measures that the government authorities are taking, these days, the requirement for showing physical courage for the citizens does not arise. All measures to deal with crime and accidents are taken by government officials and as such life has become easier and safer.

Emotional Courage

Emotional courage is the courage to follow the heart instead of following the mind. An individual who has emotional courage is ready to experience positive emotions at the cost of the negatives ones. For example, if an individual loves someone, he or she will always stand up for his or her dear one without worrying about the outcome or even if others disagree with him or her. It is about taking certain steps without worrying about the risks involved for loving someone or caring for someone.

Social Courage

Social courage is the courage to face the society after breaking social norms which are not necessarily unethical. For example, not following a particular dress-code, opting for love marriage, choosing an alternative career, doing something that is out of the box, being different etc. This type of courage is about getting rid of fear of social embarrassment for doing something different.

Intellectual Courage

The courage to choose a difficult or different path, think differently or accept new or different ideas in order to stick to truth, honesty and dignity is known as intellectual courage. It is about the intelligence or brilliance to save the truth and thrive on the fact that truth and goodness always wins. It is the intellectual ability that one can exhibit to be politically, emotionally, spirituality and truthfully correct.

Moral Courage

Moral courage means adopting ethical practices and adhering to discipline in order to avoid being unfair to others even if others are not following the right code of conduct. It means having courage to do right even if it involves the risk of being insulted, hated or disapproved by others. It is about sticking to the right values and morals without worrying about the outcomes or the risks that are involved.

Spiritual Courage

If we do something for someone or for ourselves by following the set of rules created by a particular individual or institution with strong belief and faith we are known to exhibit spiritual courage. Such beliefs and faiths can be religious or nonreligious. For example, following a particular dress code while doing some religious or nonreligious practices like yoga etc; in order to follow the rules that are laid down by the institution or individual we believe in or follow. Another example of spiritual courage is strictly wearing a Saree while visiting a particular religious place or keeping a Pallu of Saree on head as a ritual while visiting a temple or a religious place for respecting the family beliefs.

Life is full of surprises, shocks and challenges. So, for dealing with such ups and downs in life, we all need to possess all of the six types of courage. Imbibe these six types of courage to experience the power within yourself.

Which are the six different types of courage? How to acquire the different types of courage? Why is it important to acquire the different types of courage? Discuss here.

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